Pet Owners

Give Your Pet Love, Leadership and Discipline!

Pet owners want their pets to really love them. It may begin when you see a great, loyal pet as a child and you want one of your own. You want a pet that will always be with you and be devoted to you.

However, we can be mistaken sometimes about what will make our pets love us. It’s not simply a matter of spoiling our pets. We also need to provide discipline and leadership. Once you are in charge, there are some tips that can make your relationship even better.

  1. Discipline with Treats – Don’t give your pet table scraps. When you give it table scraps it sends a confusing message about who is in charge. Table scraps can also make your pet unhealthy. However, occasional treats are fine and will make your pet love you more.
  2. Play with Your Pet Every Day – If you’re tired after a long day at work you may not feel like playing with your pet. But pet pet needs you to play with him every day. Play at least once a day for about an hour. Just throwing a ball for your pet or playing a game of fetch can keep your pet from getting bored and lonely.
  3. Take Your Pet for Rides – If you are the unmistakable pack leader in your home, your pet will love to go on rides in the car with you. Try to take your pet with you to the store or on other short trips.
  4. Get Down On Your Pet’s Level – One of the best ways to get close to your pet is physically interact with your pet at his level. Get in the floor and talk to your pet. Play and give your pet some attention. This is especially important if your pet is never allowed to get on the furniture. He will feel left out if he isn’t allowed to interact with you at the same level. You can share a special time for bonding if you will get down on the floor with your pet.
  5. Health and Grooming – Although your pet may fuss when it’s time for grooming, the time you spend brushing and grooming your pet is bonding time. Bathing, grooming, and health care are very important ways to show your pet that you care about him. Your pet enjoys being clean and he thanks you for it.
  6. When your pet is healthy, he is happy, and when your pet is happy, he can focus that energy on you. If your pet is grumpy it may be due to poor health or lack of exercise. You can take care of those things.
  7. Show Your Good Feelings – Remember that pet are experts at reading body language. They pay more attention to your movements and actions than to your language. It doesn’t matter if you say, “I love you” to your pet unless you really show it.

Spend time with your pet and show your good feelings. Don’t be annoyed or impatient. You can be the leader without being gruff. Show it that you care.

When you spend time with your pet, you and it both get something from the relationship. It’s symbiotic. If you want your pet to love you, you must love him, too.

If you are willing to spend time with your pet and really love him, then your pet will give you the love and devotion that you have always dreamed of having.