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  • I’ve been looking for a litter pan for my ferrets! Something that’s low enough in the front that they can get in and out of…

    I’ve been looking for a litter pan for my ferrets! Something that’s low enough in the front that they can get in and out of, but also high enough they can’t kick litter out. I was also looking for something that wasn’t easy for them to move and fit inside my critter nation cage! I looked into some homemade litter boxes but would’ve cost me $150 with shipping to buy the three I needed! I seen these pans on Chewy but for some reason, they cost $15 more a pan. Which is how I ended up finding this website! I emailed to see if there was any active coupon codes and they send me a code for $2 off a pan! They also refunded $5 off my shipping! But let me tell you, THESE PANS ARE AMAZING. Especially for my fellow ferret owners. These fit perfectly in a ferret/critter nation! The small pan fits next to the openings that allow them to go from level to level! The large pan fits across the whole cage! The ferrets can dig and not kick litter everywhere’ they have so much room! And don’t have any issues getting in and out! I’m SO incredibly happy with my purchase! I ended up buying two large and one small pan for $80! And I would definitely do it again!

     – Abbie D.

  • I immediately stocked up. I love the variety of colors you offer! We like our puppy pens to be colorful & fun

    We raise labradoodles in our home.  We potty train all of out litters so that our families can use puppy play pens with potty boxes to help bridge the gap until the pups are old enough to be reliably house trained.   Its really helpful for our families to have a place for puppy with a potty box in the house, when they are too busy to watch closely and get them outside to go potty.  An 8-9 week old puppy sometimes has to “go” as often as every 20 minutes!  It also means that they can have them in their play pen at night with the potty box, so that they get a good night’s sleep each night and puppy doesn’t get trained to wake them up at night to go out to potty.  We want our families well-rested, so they can be good and patient puppy parents all day.  In my experience this type of potty box works the best.  The puppies get in and out easily, seem to have fewer accidents outside the box than with other boxes I have tried,  and they are easy to clean.  I bought one years ago at a pet store and couldn’t find them again until I recently found your website.  I immediately stocked up.  I love the variety of colors you offer!  We like our puppy pens to be colorful & fun. –Becky Meddleton
  • Puppy Go Here litter pan is an awesome product

    My arthritic 13 yr old cat has been pooping on the floor, so my vet suggested I get her a litter box with lower sides to make it easier for her to get in & out. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a good shallow litter box. A woman on some forum suggested the PuppyGoHere pan.  I ordered two, which arrived in just two days! The quality of these litter pans is by far the best I’ve ever seen – absolutely outstanding!!  They are thick & sturdy & extremely well constructed.  I’ve had cats for over 40 years & have never seen any made this well.  I’ve ordered others online that arrived cracked or shattered.  No chance these will crack. I hoped they wouldn’t be too small because the desciption says ‘miniature’ litter pan, 20x24x5.  I was pleasantly surprised though that they were quite sufficiently large enough, and just the right height. I’d like to suggest to PuppyGoHere that they consider removing the word ‘miniature’. On a scale of 1-10, these are really off the charts.  I’m not one to do reviews, but PuppyGoHere deserves praise for making such a superior product.  I’ve never been so thrilled about a litter box!! -Bonnie
  • She’s given me the best present I could ask for on Valentines Day; no messes on the floor!

    Happy Valentines Day! Asti appreciates the new Puppy Go Here pans! She’s given me the best present I could ask for on Valentines Day; no messes on the floor!
    And she even has a pretty bow on!! 🙂
    – Jenn
  • My 3 lbs Maltipoo loves it and that makes me very happy!!!

    I use puppy pads in the Dog Litter Pan my 3lb Maltipoo loves it and that makes me very happy!!! He took to it right away, much better than the puppy pad holder and this is large enough to get maximum coverage and use out of a 22×22 puppy pad as shown in the picture. I have it inside his Iris 4 panel pen along with his crate and other items you can see in the picture. He now does not have to wake me up during the night to “go potty”. I just change his pad out in the morning before I feed him and all is well in puppy land! I wish i had bought this before the puppy pad holder and saved my self the cost. In hind site if little Onyx ever starts to raise his leg the Dog Litter Pan has tall enough sides to cover that as well.


    – Bankski

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